What is purent?

Why does purent have so much potential?

Who will use the purent system?

Millions of Americans that currently rent carpet cleaning machines. They already like the concept of renting carpet cleaning machines. These current renters will like the purent system advantages and are all potential customers.

Millions who do not rent now. Research has shown that many are reluctant to rent machines in stores for various reasons. Among those reasons are concerns of a dirty or unsanitary machine that may not work properly; going through the rental process; a fear of not knowing how to use the machine or cleaning products and looking foolish; loading the machine, taking it home, unloading the machine, and repeating the entire process when finished cleaning. There is a need for an additional rental channel and system that addresses some of these concerns. The purent system addresses concerns some may have about traditional rental systems. New carpet cleaning renters will easily see the benefits and like the satisfaction of doing it themselves and saving money. The purent system can expand the rental carpet cleaning market leaving room for both a traditional and purent rental systems. It is a great way to earn part-time income, earn extra income, or start your own business.

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